Montag, 11. April 2011

Burned Down / Made For Skate

On February 3rd a big factory building in the TG area inflamed.

By Reto Martin

A few weeks later we decided to check out that place to get some cool footage.
We enterd through the broken windows an were ready for a session.

Kämpfen, SW Ollie

What we found there was an amazing spot. Unfortunately we had not that much time and we had to be careful because of the cops. so we tried to be as quiet as possible...and as you know...skateboarding quietly aint easy at all;)

Pascal Stierli, I call it "Kung-Fu Shuv it"
Kämpfen & Stierli

These two guys were skating like there was no tomorrow! I mean the fire destroyed that factory building but Kämpfen and Stierli made this place just a beautiful skatespot with their energy they had on their decks!

Oh yeah did I mention that the place was dirty?

Pascal Stierli

This place wasn't just dirty. It was fuckin' filthy! Pascals hands turned black. And what was the coulor of the 2 days old pants again? Black of course!

I hope he grabed some hardcore laundry detergent on the way back home.


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